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5 Reasons to Switch to Paperless Invoices

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There is a multitude of reasons why businesses should switch to paperless invoices.

The most obvious incentive is to save the trees.

Most businesses strive to be considered eco-conscious. As a business, if you advertise the steps you take to limit your carbon footprint and that being green is an integral part of your company culture and values, this may appeal to prospective clients. Invoicer, for example, contributes a percentage of revenue to fund carbon removal.

Plus, there are government incentives (tax credits and rebates) to reduce or eliminate paper use within your company. It's a win-win all around!

However, there are several other business-related reasons to switch to a paperless invoicing system that goes beyond environmental conservation.  

Here are five ways switching to paperless invoices can help you and your business:

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1. Save Time

Paper invoices are time-consuming. You have a minimum of four tedious steps to complete: create, print, mail, and file. Each of these steps can take away hours of your valuable time. Going with an invoice creator like Invoicer.ai will allow you to create and send invoices in seconds so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

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2. Reduce Office Clutter

Paper clutter causes disorganization and even stress. Physical invoices require a lot of room and take a great deal of effort to manage. By letting Invoicer help you go paperless, you will save space and be able to manage all of your clients and invoices in the cloud, from any device.

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3. Lower Business Expenses

When you do a cost breakdown of both the paper and accessories needed to run a paper invoicing system, it is astronomically more expensive than a paperless invoicing system. Firstly, a high-end printer requires ink and toner, which can be hundreds of dollars per annum to replace. Additionally, you will need to dish out a hefty sum for a physical filing system. There are postage charges to factor in as well. So, if you factor in the costs associated with a paper-based system, it is not ideal for your business's bottom line.

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4. Improve Customer Service

Every business owner has to be able to multitask. From communicating with clients and bringing in new business to administrative duties, it can be a 24/7 gig. By switching to a paperless invoicing system, you spend less time paper pushing and more time focusing on your customers. A cloud-based invoicing system gives you immediate access to everything you need to send an invoice from anywhere at any time. Being readily available shows that you are reliable and will leave your customers happy.

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5. Increase Business Security

There are a variety of risks to having a paper-based invoicing system. There could be a natural disaster like a flood or fire, or perhaps an office robbery. Either way, cloud-based solutions increase your business' security. Not only are client files and invoices backed up regularly, but they are also readily accessible at any time. The fact is, cloud-based solutions give both business owners and their client's peace of mind.

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Key Takeaway

Switching to a paperless invoice system is proven to save you both time and money. However, there are endless ways cloud-based solutions can benefit you and your business.

Save yourself valuable time. Try the Invoicer.ai - Invoice Creator, and see how convenient, affordable, and reliable paperless invoicing can be.

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