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How to Make an Invoice in Google Sheets

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While it’s true that Google Sheets can be used to process complex algorithms, it can also be used as a template for some simple invoicing. If you’re looking for a free way to make an invoice for a client, Google Sheets is easy and efficient to use and personalize. 

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Main Steps

Optional Steps

More Info

Google Sheets Invoice Template Download


Before we begin, make sure you have access to the following:


  • An internet connection
  • A Google account
  • Ideally a desktop or laptop, though a tablet or phone will work too 


  • Your company name, address, phone number
  • Your client’s company name, address, phone number 
  • The item names, quantity, unit price
  • Any applicable discounts or taxes

Main Steps

Step 1: Open Google Sheets 

Step 2: Select Template Gallery to show all options

  • Scroll down and select Invoice (found under the Work section)
  • By default, the template invoice will look like this: 
Google Sheets Invoice Template

Step 3: Fill out the relevant information 

  • Your company’s information
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Phone number
  • The billing information 
  • Client name, client company name, and address
  • Payable to name (your name!)
  • Invoice number
  • The project name, if applicable
  • The due date
  • Item descriptions, quantity, and the unit price
  • Any adjustments, such as discounts or taxes
  • Any other important details under the “notes” section

Note on adding more item lines

  • Right-click on the blank line before the first subtotal > Select insert 1 row above
  • Repeat this as many times as necessary
How to add line items to Google Sheets invoice template

Note on adjustments: 

When it comes to taxes or adjustments, use the “adjustments” cell and reformat it to do the math for you by typing the following: 

=[subtotal cell]*[tax amount]

How to add a formula to a Google Sheets invoice template

This will multiply the subtotal by 0.X, with the “X” being whatever percentage the applicable taxes are. In our example, taxes are 14%, so we multiply cell G24 by 0.14. These taxes will automatically be added to the subtotal and update the invoice total.

And voilà! Your invoice should now look something like this: 

Google Sheets invoice template automatic calculations

Step 5: Download

All that’s left is to download it! When it comes to file types, PDFs are standard for invoices. 

  • File > Download > File Type 
How to download Google Sheets invoice PDF

Optional Steps

Here are some extra steps to personalize your invoice and make it look more professional.

Adding a Logo

Step 1: Select a top-right cell (such as F5)

Step 2: Insert > Image > Insert image over cells

How to add a logo to Google Sheets invoice template

Step 3: Upload from your computer or drag a file to the box.

Step 4: Resize and place in the top right corner

How to adjust size and placement of logo on Google Sheets invoice template

Changing The Color Palette 

As a default, the Google Sheets invoice template will have a color palette with its text in blue and pink. To make yourself stand out from the crowd and ensure company cohesion, changing these colors to match your company’s color palette is recommended. (If one doesn’t already exist, select colors from the logo. If none exists, or if it’s monochrome, blue is always a safe choice regarding business matters.) 

These may just be shades of the same color, though you might want to make the “Submitted on” and invoice total stand out by using complimentary colors, for better legibility and clarity. However, avoid using red or yellow anywhere in the invoice since red has a negative connotation with money (which you’re asking for in the invoice!), and yellow is hard to read against a standard white background. 

Here’s what NOT to do: 

What colours not to pick for Google Sheets invoice template

And conversely, here’s a better example of what you should do!  

What colours to pick for Google Sheets invoice template

See how much better it looks? While blue isn’t a complementary color to green, it still stands out and feels much more professional. The client can see the most important information: the total amount due and the submission date. 

Saving A Personalized Copy

If you’re interested in having a standard, personalized copy after changing the color pallet or font, it’s a good idea to save a standard copy to use in the future to save time (which, after all, is money!). 

Step 1: File > Make a copy.

How to make a copy of a Google Sheets invoice template

Step 2: Rename it, so it’s easily identifiable as a template

Step 3: Select the file location

Step 3: For future invoices, make copies of this template

Where to save your Google Sheets invoice template copy

More Info

Due Date

Always refer to any previous agreements with your client when it comes to how soon after submission an invoice will be paid. 

The standard is 30 days from the date the invoice is submitted. However, there are some things to watch out for, such as weekends or bank holidays. These may necessitate the due date being extended by a day or two.

“Submitted On” Date

Always make sure this is up-to-date before you send it! If you work on an invoice over several days, ensure your “submitted on” date accurately reflects the date you send it to your client. 

And That’s It!

Pretty straightforward, right? Thanks to Google Sheets invoice templates, you can create and even personalize your invoices. 

Google Sheets Invoice Template Download

Here is the Google Sheets Invoice Template we created for this how to article. Follow the steps below to make a copy:

  1. Go to the Google Sheets Invoice Template
  2. Select File > Make a Copy
How to make a copy of a Google Sheet

Alternatively, Invoicer.ai offers several pre-made Google Sheets invoice templates -- Check them out!

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