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Sample Invoice Templates

Here is everything you need to know about sample invoice templates. Who they are for, how they work, what to put in them, and most importantly, how to create a sample invoice template.

Who is a sample invoice template for?

Sample invoice templates are for people or businesses who need to see what an invoice looks like. They can use these templates as a guide to create their own template or replace the information in them and use it to invoice a client for goods or services.

How does a sample invoice template work?

A sample invoice template works by providing a sample document of goods and services purchased from one party to another. The sending party uses the the sample invoice template as a guide to create their own invoice by filling it in with all of the details regarding the transaction: including their contact info and their client's contact info, good and services provided, cost of items, taxes, discounts, deposits, terms, due date, invoice number, and anything else pertinent.

How to use a sample invoice template?

You can use a sample invoice template in three ways: As a guide (Hard), Using a template (Easier), and using an invoice generator (Easiest).

As a guide (The hard way)

The most complicated way to use a sample invoice template is to use it as a guide when creating your own invoice from scratch using word processing or spreadsheet programs, like Microsoft Word or Google Sheets. You can even make one using a simple text editor or send an email or text message. But, that way doesn't look very good and may give a less than professional impression to your client, so we will avoid it altogether.

What to include in your invoice template

Your sample invoicing template should include the following sections and information:

  1. Sender's information: your name or company name, address, and phone number.
  2. Client information: your client's name or company name, address, and phone number.
  3. Invoice number: An invoice number so you can easily refer to the invoice.
  4. Date sent: the date you sent the invoice.
  5. Due date: a due date to let the client know when they need to pay the invoice.
  6. Reference number: a reference number if applicable.
  7. Item name: the name of the goods and services provided
  8. Item description: a description of the goods and services provided.
  9. Item cost: the cost and quantities of the goods and service provided.
  10. Quantity: the number of each item.
  11. Line total: the item cost multiplied by the quantity.
  12. Subtotal: the total amount of all items
  13. Tax: any taxes (if applicable).
  14. Discounts: Any discounts (if applicable).
  15. Total: the subtotal, minus discounts, plus taxes.
  16. Deposits: any deposits (if applicable).
  17. Payments: any payments (if applicable).
  18. Amount due: Total, minus deposits, minus payments.
  19. Terms: for official language like how to pay, how late payments are handled, and anything else of an official nature.
  20. Notes. You can say things like, "Thanks for your business."
How to format and style your invoice template

Once you have all of that information, create sections in your word processing or spreadsheet software to enter the data. Pay special attention to the layout and formatting. Do a print preview so you can see how it will look if you or your client prints the invoice. Triple check your calculations to make sure you are charging them the correct amount and have applied taxes, discounts, and deposits correctly. Style it with your choice of font, colors, and logo.

Save your invoice template.

Once you are satisfied with your invoice template, save it so you can use it again.

Send your invoice template.

Now you can send it to your client by email, text message, or print and mail it. We recommend email or text since it is the fastest way to get the invoice to your client. Getting it in their hands faster means you should get paid faster.

When in doubt, you can always pick up the phone and call them to make sure they received the invoice.

The pros and cons of manually creating your invoice template

Pros: you have complete control of the look and layout, and it doesn't cost you anything.

Cons: time-consuming, you need word processing or spreadsheet software, harder to stay organized, keep track of invoices, you need to perform calculations manually, you need to format an invoice manually, and it is difficult to know the invoice status.

The bottom line

Creating an invoice from a sample invoice template can actually be complicated, prone to errors, and come off as unprofessional!

It doesn't have to be. Use an invoice generator or a pre-made invoice template to save yourself time, look professional, and get paid fast.

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