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How to Make an Invoice in Microsoft Word

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While you can use Microsoft Word for prose, meeting notes, or even poetry, you can also use Microsoft Word to complete your own invoices! Follow the steps below for an easy way to make invoices for your client.

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Main Steps

Optional Steps

More Info

Easy Invoice Generator


Before we begin, make sure you have access to the following:


  • An internet connection
  • Microsoft Word
  • Ideally a desktop or laptop, though a tablet or phone will work too


  • Your company name, address, phone number
  • Your client’s company name, address, phone number 
  • The item names, quantity, unit price
  • Any applicable discounts or taxes

Main Steps

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word

Step 2: On the Home page, select “More Templates

  • You can type “invoice” to filter your choices

By default, your invoice will look like this: 

Default Microsoft Word Invoice Template

Step 3: Fill out the relevant information 

Your company’s information

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Phone number

The billing information 

  • Client name, client company name and address
  • Payable to name (your name!)
  • Invoice number
  • The project name, if applicable
  • The due date
  • Item descriptions, quantity, and unit price
  • Any adjustments, such as discounts or taxes
  • Any other important details under the “notes” section

Note: You’ll have to do the math yourself, as calculations are not done automatically like they are in Excel or Google Sheets

Microsoft Word Invoice Template Calculations

Step 4: Download

All that’s left to do is download the final version! When it comes to file types, PDFs are standard for invoices.

Optional Steps

If you’re looking to make your invoice more professional and personalized, you can add a logo or change the color palette. Once you’ve got those in place, you can make a personalized copy to use from the get-go for future invoices. 

Adding a Logo

  • Insert > Pictures> This Device 
How to add a logo
  • Resize as needed > Layout OptionsIn Front of Text > Drag to top right corner
  • By doing this, your image won’t affect the text, and will keep everything else in place
How to resize logo

Changing the Color Palette

As a default, this Microsoft Word template will have a color palette with blue as its main accent color. To make yourself stand out from the crowd and ensure company cohesion, it’s recommended to change these colors to match your company’s color palette.

If one doesn’t already exist, select colors from the logo. If no logo exists, or if it’s monochrome, blue is always a safe choice when it comes to business matters.

Using shades of the same color is an easy, non-obtrusive way to go. However, avoid using red or yellow anywhere in the invoice, since red has a negative connotation, and yellow is hard to read against a standard white background. 

You can easily change the text and table colors under Design: 

  • Design > Colors > Select a palette 
How to change the color palette

After personalizing our invoice with new colors and our logo, here’s the result: 

Customized Microsoft Word Invoice Template

Saving a Personalized Copy

  • Select File > Save As > Select Location and File Name > Save to save a personalized copy to your computer.

How to save in Microsoft Word

More Info

Payment Due

Always refer to any previous agreements with your client when it comes to how soon after submission an invoice will be paid as well as any payment terms.

The standard is 30 days from the date the invoice is submitted. However, there are some things to watch out for, such as weekends or bank holidays. These may necessitate the due date be extended by a day or two.

Delivery Date 

The delivery date is the day that the service was provided or completed, or otherwise when goods were delivered to the customer. This will likely be different from the issue date, which is the date when you’re sending the invoice to them.  

Shipping Method

If the goods you are providing will be sent by mail, what type of mail is being sent? Is it being sent by air, or on land, for example? 

If you are selling a service that does not require shipping, feel free to input N/A in these shipping sections, or otherwise delete them. 

Shipping Terms

This is the method in which funds will be collected for shipments made under the shipping method. This could be none, check, or cash.

If you are selling a service that does not require shipping, feel free to input N/A in these shipping sections, or otherwise delete them. 

And That’s It!

Pretty straightforward, right? Thanks to Microsoft Word templates, you can put together and even personalize your own invoices. 

An Easier Option

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