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Invoice Templates

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Whether you are a small business owner, freelancer, or contractor, you have a lot on the go. From offering the best customer service to squeezing in tedious administrative tasks, it is a constant balancing act being your own boss. So, if you can refine a time-consuming task like creating invoices into a more streamlined process, you will have more time to focus on other areas of your business.

Invoice Templates are valuable tools that will save you time and money.

An invoice template is the perfect tool to help you create professional invoices fast. In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know by answering the following questions:

  1. What is an invoice template?
  2. What information do you include in an invoice template?
  3. How do you create an invoice template?
  4. How do you fill out an invoice template?
  5. Which invoice template format should you use?

Now, let's get started!

What Is an Invoice Template?

An invoice template is a well-designed pre-populated outline that will help automate your invoice process. The professionally crafted template will include the essential invoice elements, so all you have to do is customize the design, fill in the details, and send it to your client. 

You can either create your invoice template from scratch or find a pre-made invoice template to customize. Invoice templates are the perfect billing tool if you are creative and have a specific vision in mind. Additionally, invoice templates offer endless customization options which will give you the freedom to design your invoices in any way you choose.

What Information Do You Include in an Invoice Template?

To ensure your cash flow stays optimal, each invoice you send must be both professional and compliant. So, when creating an invoice template from scratch or using a pre-made invoice template, make sure you include the following elements:

  • A unique invoice number and the date it was issued.
  • Your company information.
  • The client's information.
  • A detailed list of the products or services provided. 
  • The amount owed, including taxes.
  • List the payment terms and conditions that need to be met, including how and when to pay, late-payment penalties, etc.

Now it is time to create an invoice template!

How Do You Create an Invoice Template?

The invoices you send are a direct reflection of you and your business which means the design, format, and accuracy of information are crucial. So, consider doing the following points when creating your invoice template:

  • Plan out the structure of your invoice ahead of time by considering the format in both print and digital form.
  • Stick to your company brand and style by using the same font, color scheme and by including your logo.
  • Consider spacing and design style (grids, etc.) to enhance the readability of the information.
  • Ensure the amount due and payment due date are clear and stand out.

To craft a professional invoice template, we recommend using either a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets or a Word program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs

Both platforms create well-designed invoice templates. However, some people feel that Word documents tend to be a bit more user-friendly and customizable. Although, most can agree that the automatic calculations performed in the spreadsheets are a huge time-saver.

These platforms have pre-made invoice templates you can download and use as a baseline, or you can choose one of our beautifully crafted professional templates. 

  1. Head to Invoicer.ai and download an invoice template in the format of your choice.
  2. Customize the invoice by choosing the color scheme, the font (size and style), deleting any unwanted fields, and adding your business details, including the logo.
  3. Fine-tune the columns and customize any fields you wish.

Now, take the time to review the layout and format, including:

  • Double-checking all calculations and formulas are correct.
  • Ensuring the print format works.
  • Triple-checking for spelling errors.

If you are happy with your invoice template, save it and use it again in the future to make the best use of your valuable time.

How Do You Fill Out an Invoice Template?

To fill out an invoice template, you will want to begin with the details your client needs to pay you correctly and on time. First, ensure the following fields are included in your invoice template and fill in the information.

  1. Title: The word INVOICE should be displayed.
  2. Invoice Number: A unique number for easy reference.
  3. Seller or Service Provider Information: The name or company name, address, and phone number.
  4. Customer or Clients Information: The name or company name, address, and phone number.
  5. Date of Issue: The day you sent the invoice.
  6. Due Date: The day the payment is due.
  7. Description: An itemized list of services or products provided. Including a detailed description of each line item, quantity, and the agreed-upon rate.
  8. Subtotal: Add up the line totals before taxes.
  9. Tax: GST, HST, PST, Sales Tax, VAT, etc. (if applicable).
  10. Total: The total amount due - Add up the subtotal, plus taxes.
  11. Terms: Add specific payment terms and conditions, including preferred payment method, payment date, late payment policy, etc.
  12. Notes: Personalize the invoice with a thank-you message.

Once you have entered the required information, double-check that the calculations are correct and that the information is clear and accurate.

Which Invoice Template Format Should You Use?

There are several invoice template formats to choose from, including:

Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Open Office

Word platforms like Google Docs and Microsoft Word make it easy to design invoices. Because Word is a comfortable and familiar platform for most people, you can create invoice templates fast. Easily customize your template by changing the style, colors, and font to match your company brand, and fill out the fields.

Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets

Spreadsheet platforms like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are huge time-savers. Creating tables for line items with formulas is a breeze. Plus, the formulas automatically calculate all subtotals, totals, and taxes, so you don't have to worry about doing the math yourself. 


PDF documents are compact, so if you want a smaller file size, it is the perfect format for you. Additionally, PDF documents offer password protection for the ultimate level of security.

Invoice Templates Give You Options 

All-in-all, invoice templates are an easy, ready-to-use invoice solution. Your client can receive a professional and compliant invoice in a matter of minutes, which means you will get paid on time. It's simple, choose your format and invoice template, customize it, fill it in, and send it. 

Get access to a variety of customizable invoice templates 100% FREE for 14-days and see how Invoicer.ai can streamline your invoicing process.

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