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Proforma Invoice Templates

Save time and earn more with Invoicer.

As a business owner, your client base is crucial to the success of your business. So, the ultimate goal is to ensure your clients are happy and satisfied with the services and products you have provided.

Another crucial component to maintaining a positive relationship with every client is by communicating effectively. A professionally crafted proforma invoice template is the perfect communication tool to save you time and keep your clients happy.

Read on to learn everything about proforma invoice templates, including:

  • What is an Invoice Template?
  • Why Proforma Invoice Templates Are Important
  • How to Create a Proforma Invoice Template
  • What Should Proforma Invoice Templates Include?
  • A Better Alternative to Using Invoice Templates

What is a Proforma Invoice Template?

Firstly, a proforma invoice is a detailed breakdown of the requested services or products and total cost. It is similar to an estimate; however, it can be used as an official invoice once the details are confirmed. Secondly, an invoice template is a pre-made outline that includes all of the necessary invoice elements, so all you have to do is fill in the information, download it, send it, and use the template again in the future.

Why Proforma Invoice Templates Are Important

There are a variety of benefits that proforma invoice templates can bring to your business, including:

Save Time 

Rather than create a new invoice every time, make a template. Once you have customized your template with the required fields, you can save it and use it in the future.

Look Professional 

You can customize your invoice template to suit your company brand. From choosing the color scheme and font to adding a logo, the options are endless.

Easily Covert

With a proforma invoice template, there is no need to create a new invoice. Convert the proforma invoice into a final/commercial invoice by changing the header and including the necessary payment details.

How to Create a Proforma Invoice Template

When it comes to creating a professional proforma invoice template, you have options, including:

Creating a Template From Scratch

You can use a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets or a Word program, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, to create your proforma invoice template. However, this method is the most tedious and time-consuming since you have to design everything from scratch, including manual calculations. Since running a business requires more time and energy, the following method might be a better option.

Using a Pre-Made Template

The internet is full of pre-made template options that you can easily download and customize. By using a pre-made proforma template, you will save time. The trick to finding a pre-made professional proforma invoice template is finding a reliable website like Invoicer.ai. To download one of our expertly crafted templates, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Download

Head to Invoicer.ai and select a format such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs.

Step 2 - Customize 

Include a company logo, customize the font, color scheme, etc.

Step 3 - Save

Once you're satisfied, save your template for future use.

What Should Proforma Invoice Templates Include?

The key components that every proforma invoice template should have, include:

  • Contact Information - Details for both parties include name or company name, address, phone number, email, and website (if available).
  • Invoice Number - A unique reference number for that particular invoice.
  • Products or Services - The section shows an itemized list of the products or services to be provided and the cost.
  • Payment Terms - Specify the payment due date and terms. These include payment methods and late-payment fees, etc.

A Better Alternative to Using Invoice Templates

Our proforma invoice templates are a great option if you like unlimited customization options and performing calculations. However, there is a better alternative to using invoice templates that will save you time and money - our invoice generator.

Invoicer.ai is a fast, intuitive, and affordable billing solution that will streamline your invoice process so you can spend more time doing anything else. With our invoice generator, you can:

Save Time

Create quality invoices in minutes from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Stay Organized

Manage client profiles and invoices in one cloud-based location.

Get Paid Fast

Track payments and send payment automatic reminders.

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