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Invoicing Software For Small Businesses

Save time and earn more with Invoicer.

Most transactions today happen online. So, it only makes sense for small businesses to invoice their clients online.

There are several ways to invoice your clients — many of which are complicated and prone to human error. And that’s why most successful small businesses use invoicing software to bill their clients.

In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about how to pick the best invoicing software to design, generate, and send invoices for your clients.

Who Uses Invoicing Software?

Businesses or freelancers who want to bill their clients for goods or services provided use invoicing software.

An invoice software makes it easy for businesses to send payment requests and receive their timely dues. And for accounting purposes, online invoices are so much easier to track, manage, and reference than paper invoices — both for the business and the client. Freelancers use invoicing software as a convenient way to organize, send, and track multiple clients.

Plus, it’s definitely more professional than running behind clients with a piece of paper that’s easy to lose.

Benefits of Using Invoicing Software For Small Businesses

An invoicing software helps with the smooth operation and success of a business by streamlining its invoicing process. By extension, this builds and maintains a healthy relationship between businesses and their clients.

Here are some of the many benefits of using invoicing software for your business.

  • Little to No Room for Human Error
  • Easier to Organize, Manage, and Track Invoices
  • Simplifies the Financial and Accounting Process
  • Allows For Various Invoicing Tools
  • Invoices Can Be Sent From Anywhere
  • Sends Automatic Reminders to Clients
  • Protects Your Information
  • Makes Your Business Look Professional

Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail.

Little to No Room for Human Error

Your small business might have an excellent and organized staff who can create and sort through all the company’s paper invoices. But at the end of the day, they’re only human.

Manual invoicing or using an invoice template is prone to many human errors: calculation, organizing, tracking, and sending reminders.

These common invoicing errors can easily be prevented with an invoicing software. Calculations are automatic, organization and tracking are done for you, and payment reminders will be sent regardless of whether you or the client forgot.

By making little to no room for human errors, an invoicing software automatically will have your clients view your business as trustworthy.

Easier to Organize, Manage, and Track Invoices

You won’t have to drive yourself insane looking for that one invoice amidst a sea of folders. Why go through a scavenger hunt when you organize, manage, and track invoices with the click of a button?

Invoicer.ai now sends you a notification when a client has viewed your invoice. This allows you to easily keep track of all clients who have received and seen the invoice.

Simplifies the Financial and Accounting Process

With an invoicing software, your invoices, billing information, and payments will be under a single window. So, any information will be easy to retrieve and verify. You won't have to open several drawers and look over hundreds of folders.

This feature is especially helpful when you need to pull out information for accounting purposes. It’ll also make any auditing session feel like a walk in the park.

Invoices Can Be Sent From Anywhere

The traditional invoicing process requires you to manually prepare an invoice by going through several documents and wasting precious man-hours.

Accessing invoices can also be a pain, especially if they’re stored in one location — and you just don’t happen to be there.

Invoicing software lets you prepare and send invoices from anywhere at any time. Many of them are cloud-based, so you can prepare, create, send, and access invoices from your laptop and smartphones (provided you have an internet connection).

What’s great about Invoicer.ai is that it supports over 135 currencies. So, invoicing a client from another country can now become a much smoother process.

Sends Automatic Reminders to Clients

An invoicing software never forgets,” as the saying goes, or was it elephants? Either way, if you have one too many clients or invoices than you can handle, it’s hard to keep track of what’s due.

Invoicing software sends automatic reminders to clients well before the due date, on the due date, and after (if they’ve missed a payment).

By automating payment reminders, invoicing software applications allow you to put all your energies into improving and maintaining the quality of your goods and services.

Invoicer.ai sends you a notification when a client has seen your invoice. It also gives you the option of sending automatic late payment reminders to clients who’ve missed out on payments.

Protects Your Information

Most invoicing software applications rely on cloud storage to store and access your data. Unlike paper invoices, there’s no threat of physical damage to your data.

However, storing your information online has its risks, but the best invoicing software brands take several measures to protect your privacy and data. They electronically and physically secure your information by:

  • Storing your data in servers that have limited access.
  • Storing your information in a backup server.
  • Encrypting your data so that it’s secure when being transferred.
  • Demanding a strong password and routine password changes.

Makes Your Business Look Professional

Invoicing software makes your billing process neat, clean, and highly efficient. A byproduct of this is that your clients will view your business as professional.

Invoicer.ai, for example, has an estimate generator that allows you to send clients a quote before they decide to use your services. The estimate generator helps show your client the amount of work the services (or goods) will require. Think of it as a pre-invoice that justifies the price.

What Makes a Good Invoicing Software For Small Businesses?

A good invoicing software for small businesses has the following characteristics:

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Options for different types of invoices
  • Options for online payments
  • Automates simple tasks (like sending payment reminders to clients)

Simple Interface

A simple interface makes your job much easier. An invoicing software with a simple interface lets you focus on putting in the information and numbers without annoying distractions.

Options For Different Invoice Types

Your invoicing software should allow you to easily transition from one invoice type to another. This removes the hassle of having to redo work that doesn’t need to be redone.

Online Payment Options

With various online payment options available today, choose an invoicing software that’ll make it easy for your client to pay you.

Automates Simple Tasks

A good invoicing software should send well-timed payment reminders to clients so that you can get paid as quickly as possible.


Can I Make Invoices With a Word Processor?

Yes, you can make your invoices with a word processor. But, there are chances that it won’t look as professional as an invoice sent through an invoicing software application. It is also prone to mistakes.

Can I Use Free Invoicing Software?

Yes, you can use many available free invoicing software. However, you usually won’t get the same benefits the paid versions offer.

How Many Invoices Can I Send Using Invoicing Software?

The number of invoices you can send using invoicing software depends on the brand and the different plans they offer. Invoicer.ai’s paid plan, for example, lets you send unlimited invoices and estimates to as many clients as you want.

Can I Bill Clients With Multiple Currencies With an Invoicing Software?

Yes. You can bill clients with any currency with invoicing software, depending on the brand. Invoicer.ai offers multi-currency support with 135+ currencies, so you can bill clients from almost anywhere around the globe.

Why Should Small Businesses Opt For Invoicing Software?

Small businesses should go for invoicing software because it will give their business a modern and professional look.

The business world seems to be moving at a faster pace every day, which means you also have to keep up. Late payments, accounting errors, and missed invoices are only going to set you back further.

An invoicing software rectifies all human errors, makes the invoicing process super easy, and helps your business get paid quickly.

Check out Invoicer.ai today and see how it can make your business transactions more professional and efficient.

See how fast and easy Invoicer is.

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