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Printable Invoice Templates

Save time and earn more with Invoicer.

From freelance personal training to small in-home businesses, invoices are the golden standard for every type of business.

An invoice is a bill that details the products purchased or services rendered and the total amount owed. They are a crucial component of every business, but how you invoice your clients will impact your company's cash flow.

So, to save time and to ensure you're invoicing your clients correctly, use a printable invoice template and customize it to suit you and your business,

In this article, you will learn about:

  • What an invoice template is.
  • The benefits of printable invoice templates.
  • Types of printable invoice templates.
  • What every printable invoice template should include.
  • How to create a printable invoice template.
  • Valuable invoicing tips.
  • A better alternative to using invoice templates.

What Is an Invoice Template?

Invoice templates are preset documents that are customizable to fit the service you have provided for a specific client. You keep a template on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone device and whenever you have a client that owes you money for purchasing your products or services, you make a copy of the template and fill in the necessary information to complete it.

Why Printable Invoice Templates are Important

Printable invoice templates are important for:

  1. Tracking customer sales.
  2. Calculating total profit once all sales and debts have been calculated.
  3. Keeping the client accountable for paying the invoice after products or services have been purchased.
  4. Recording all your customer experiences and interactions.
  5. Seeing how trends formulate with the popular products or services that are requested from your business so that you can promote the most popular ones accordingly.

Types of Printable Invoice Templates

Types of printable invoice templates include:

  • Standard purchase invoices showing services rendered to client.
  • Past due invoices showing the amount due and if any fees have been added.
  • Sales invoices showing products purchased.
  • E-invoices sent via email rather than printed out and handed to the customer.
  • Debit invoices for if a customer was not charged the correct amount or wants to add another item or service to his or her order.
  • Credit invoices for customers who want to return an item to your business.

What Should Printable Invoice Templates Include?

Whether you are using freelance invoice templates or printable invoice templates, every invoice should include the following invoice elements:

  1. Your company logo.
  2. Your company's address.
  3. Customer's name.
  4. Customer's address.
  5. Description of products or services purchased.
  6. How much the customer owes your business (or will be credited for a return).
  7. The total amount owed to business or credited to client for a return.
  8. Due date of the payment owed to the business (if not a credit invoice).
  9. Any discounts applied to the order such as coupons or sales savings.

How to Create Printable Invoice Templates

Invoicer offers a diverse collection of printable invoice templates for you to choose from.

Simply follow these four easy steps:

Step 1

Go to Invoicer.ai and choose a format, such as Word, Excel, Google Docs, or Google Sheets.

Step 2

Customize the template in a way that makes sense for your business.

Step 3

Double-check for spelling errors and miscalculations.

Step 4

Download, save, and send.

When to Send an Invoice

As a small business owner, you should send an invoice when your client has requested products or services from you. Of course, you would want payment before the customer receives products.

If you are providing a fixed cost for a service, ask the customer for a down payment for security purposes. If you are providing a service that needs calculation once services are rendered, bill the client immediately after said services have been given to him or her.

Other Invoicing Tips

Keep in mind these other tips as you send invoices to your clients.

Always be sure to specify which type of invoice that you are sending a client. Refer to the invoice types section to be sure that you are designating each invoice according to the specific situation in which one is required.

Keep a paper copy of the printable invoice for your records as well as a digital copy. Send a digital copy to your customer's email and print out one for your customer, if requested.

File your digital invoices separately in different folders on your company computer or laptop. If it's a sales invoice, place it in the sales invoice folder. If it is a credit invoice, do the same thing, and so on.

Make backup copies of these invoices on a USB drive or a cloud account with Google Drive or Dropbox. This is important just in case your company laptop or computer's files become corrupted for whatever reason so that you always have a backup digital copy. You can also send copies of invoices to clients via email if requested.

A Better Alternative to Using Invoice Templates

Invoicer's pre-made, printable invoice templates will cut down on invoice generation time and simplify your invoice process.

However, there is an even better alternative!

An intuitive and reliable invoice generator like Invoicer.ai is the best tool you could add to your business. By automating your invoice process you will ba able to:

  1. Create unlimited invoices fast.
  2. Manage saved invoices and client profiles.
  3. Accept multiple online payment methods.
  4. Send payment reminders.
  5. Improve data analysis and collection, and more.

Sign up for a FREE 14-day trial (no credit card required!) and see how the Invoicer.ai invoice generator can save you time and money.

Follow our step-by-step guide to create an invoice using Invoicer.ai:

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