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Simple Invoice Templates

Save time and create your invoice with our invoice generator.

Are you looking for a basic, no-frills, professional invoice template? Then a simple invoice template is perfect for you! These invoicing tools are easy-to-use and come in a variety of styles and formats

This article will focus on the importance of simple invoice templates and how to create the ideal template for your business.

Now, let's get started!

What is an Invoice Template?

If you are unsure of how to to create an invoice, invoice templates are an ideal solution. An invoice template is a pre-made outline that includes all of the common elements of a compliant invoice. They are ready to use, so all you have to do is download, fill in the required fields, and send them.

Why Simple Invoice Templates are Important

Simple invoice templates are essential because they are user-friendly, customizable, and save time when creating invoices. Whether you are a small business owner or freelancer, you can use simple invoice templates to manage your company's cash flow more efficiently.

Elements to Include in a Simple Invoice Template

Most simple invoice templates share common elements to ensure they are legally compliant and professional. So, whether you are creating your simple invoice template from scratch or using a pre-made template, make sure to include the following fields:

  • Title: The word "INVOICE" should be at the top of the page.
  • Invoice Number: A unique number to identify the invoice.
  • Invoice Date: The date the invoice was created and shows the payment due date.
  • Your Company Information: Include your company name, address, email, and phone number.
  • Client Information: Include your client's name, address, email, and phone number.
  • Items or Services Provided: The itemized list should include all services and products provided along with individual costs per line item.
  • Total Amount Due: The total amount will combine the costs of all line items, applicable taxes, and other required fees.
  • Payment Terms & Conditions: Your client needs to know when they need to pay you, how to pay you, and any penalties for late or missed payments.

How To Create Simple Invoice Templates

There are several ways to create simple invoice templates that could work for your business. The most time-consuming way is to create a template from scratch. To do this, open a new document in Word/Google Docs or Excel/Google Sheets and include the elements we've listed above. 

If you want to save time, use a pre-made template - here's how:

Step 1

Head to Invoicer.ai and choose one of our ready-to-use simple invoice templates. 

Step 2

Customize the layout and fill in the fields.

Step 3

Ensure there are no spelling or calculation errors, download, and send.

Other Useful Invoicing Tips

1. Keep Track of It

Whether you're using simple invoice templates or another kind, it's essential to keep track of every invoice. You can do this by creating folders for each client on your computer so that you can see what they owe and who you haven't sent invoices to yet or by using an all-in-one automated invoicing service.

2. Get Paid Promptly

Client appreciation is a great way to retain clients. Offer discounts or deals that encourage clients to pay right away, not just when it's convenient for them. However, if there are payment delays, follow up with reminders until the payment is received.

3. Add Up Everything Once ... and Again

Double-checking for errors and miscalculations is a great way to make sure that your invoice is professional. By eliminating invoicing mistakes, you have a better chance of getting paid on time and having repeat customers.

4. Onpoint Branding

Custom simple invoice templates allow businesses to stand out from the competition. With a little bit of creativity, you can create custom, simple invoice templates that work for your company.

5. Customize It

Your business and client base is unique, so customization options allow you to create invoices exactly how they should be for your business.

A Better Alternative To Using Invoicing Templates

Ready-made invoice templates are a better alternative to creating invoices from scratch. However, there are still some significant downsides to using invoice templates, including:

  • They are still time-consuming.
  • They are still prone to errors and miscalculations.
  • There is still a higher chance of late or missed payments.

So, what is the better alternative?

Invoicer.ai is a reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable invoice generator that is the perfect way to streamline your invoicing process. By using our invoice generator, you will be able to:

  • Create professional invoices in minutes.
  • Send invoices from any device and at any time.
  • Manage invoices and client profiles simultaneously.
  • Send payment reminders.
  • Keep track of payments.
  • Calculate rates, taxes, and totals automatically.
  • Collect online payments, and offer multiple payment methods.

Are you ready to see how easy invoicing can be?

Sign up now and get unlimited access FREE for 14-days (no credit card required!) and see if Invoicer is right for you and your business.

Learn how to create an invoice using Invoicer.ai with our step-by-step guide below:

Save time and create your invoice with our invoice generator.

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