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Trucking Invoice Templates

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As a trucking company, your business is getting products to their next destination. Whether you’re at the front of the supply chain or delivering to distribution hubs and end-users, you need to manage your time efficiently to keep your clients happy and get paid fast. Unfortunately, one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks is creating and sending invoices. Make sending those invoices easier by using a trucking invoice template.

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What Is A Trucking Invoice Template?

A trucking invoice template is a pre-designed form you can use to simplify your invoicing activities. A template allows you to have a professionally designed and branded invoice. If you want more than a basic bill going to your clients, an invoice template is an excellent option for your trucking business.

A professional invoice template will include the necessary billing details needed for you to get paid.

You can create your template in several popular programs, such as Word, Excel, or even Google Docs. If you prefer, you can use a pre-designed template that allows you to customize your brand elements. 

The Benefits of Using Trucking Invoice Templates

When your business depends on the time behind the wheel, you don’t have much time for administrative tasks like invoicing. An invoice template saves you time by giving you a simple form that stays consistent between clients. These valuable tools take it one step further by allowing you to easily create multiple templates at the same time by simply changing a few details.

Invoice templates make you look professional by limiting errors and showing off your brand.

Plus, trucking invoice templates save you from costly arithmetic errors by automatically calculating your totals. Simply enter a few specifics for your job, and the template quickly and accurately calculates all the math.

What to Include in a Trucking Invoice Template

There a several key elements to include in every invoice to ensure you stay legally complaint and professional. These include:

Contact Information: Start with your business name, address, phone number, and company logo, if you have one. Next, include the client’s billing address, phone number, and email.

Invoice Number: It may not seem like a big deal, but adding an invoice number is crucial. They allow you to reference the appropriate document if there’s a question from your client, accountant, or attorney.

Job Details: Include the shipper and originating city and state. Then the consignee, including destination city and state. Now, include the name of the driver, which can be you, and if you have a truck and trip number. Then you list the job details, including the kind of load and the rate. Usually, this will go in the products or services section of an invoice template.

Payment Details and Notes: Now, include the acceptable payment methods, when payment is due, and more specific payment terms and conditions. Wrap it up with a notes section, including any relevant details about the job, and a message appreciating their business and trust.

How to Create a Trucking Invoice Template

Your trucking invoice template should reflect the professionalism you bring to your business. Here are a few tips for developing your trucking invoice template:

  • Plan your layout and what you’ll include.
  • Consider the format of both print and digital forms.
  • Include your logo, and stick with your brand colors and fonts.
  • Think through spacing and font size so that your clients can easily read the invoice.
  • Make the amount due and the due date large and easy to see.

Depending on your preference, either a word processor or spreadsheet program is the best option to create your template. Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Google Docs are good word-processing options. Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, or Google Sheets are the best spreadsheet options. Unfortunately, creating invoice templates from scratch can take a lot of your valuable time. 

So, instead of creating one yourself, consider downloading a free template online, like those available from Invoicer.ai.  All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1 - Go to Invoicer.ai

You will have several options for Word, Excel, Google Docs and Sheets, Open Office, and even PDF. Choose your template and download it to your device.

Step 2 - Customize the Template 

Simply fill in the required fields and customize as you see fit, including adding your company logo, changing the color scheme to match your brand, removing unwanted sections, etc.

Step 3 - Save and Send

To save even more time, use this template to bill clients in the future. When you are happy with your invoice, send it t your client to get paid fast.

Other Trucking Invoicing Tips

When creating your trucking invoice template, save time by creating an individual template for each client. After you complete a run, you can easily pull up the invoice template with all their information already populated. 

Additionally, give your clients multiple ways to pay the invoice. Accepting different payment options will make it convenient for your clients and make it easy to pay you on time, every time. There is the traditional check method, but you can also give them the option of paying with a credit card.

A Better Alternative to Trucking Invoice Templates

Overall, adding trucking invoice templates to your billing repatriate has its benefits. However, even using a pre-made invoice template can be more work than you need. 

Want an even better alternative?

Consider using a cloud-based invoice creator to automate your billing process even further. With an intuitive and easy-to-use invoice generator like Invoicer.ai, you can:

  • Create professional and customized invoices fast.
  • Stay organized by managing invoices, client profiles, and transactions in one convenient cloud-based location. 
  • Offer clients multiple payment options.
  • Send invoices anywhere, anytime, from any device.
  • Send payment reminders, recurring invoices, and so much more.

So, stop wasting your valuable time. Try Invoicer for 100% free for 14 days, and you will see how easy invoicing can be!

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