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How to Make an Invoice on Android

Save time and earn more with Invoicer.

While Google Docs, Sheets, and Microsoft Word have made it relatively easy to make your invoices, none are quite as efficient as Invoicer.ai. Other tools require doing the math yourself or tedious cell formatting, and none of them let you track the status of your invoices or send you updates. Luckily, Invoicer.ai can do all of that and more! 

Here are five easy steps to make invoices for your clients with Invoicer.ai on any Android mobile device, ways to personalize your invoices, and more about how Invoicer.ai helps save you time.

Table of Contents


How to Make and Send an Invoice

Optional Steps

Payments and Tracking

More Info



  • Internet connection (Wi-Fi or data)
  • Android phone


  • Your company name, address, phone number
  • Your client’s company name, address, phone number 
  • The item names, quantity, unit price
  • Any applicable discounts or taxes

How to Make and Send an Invoice

Step 1: Open Invoicer.ai in your browser.

Step 2: Tap “New Invoice”. 

Tap New Invoice

Step 3: Choose your currency

Choose from over 135 currencies, including USD, CAD, and EUR. 

Select Currency

Step 4: Fill out the relevant information 

  • Your company’s information
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Phone number
  • The billing information 
  • Client name, client company name and address
  • Date issued 
  • Due date
  • Invoice number
  • Item descriptions, quantity, and unit price.
  • Any adjustments, such as discounts or taxes.
  • You can set multiple discounts, in either dollar or percentage amounts. 
  • Additional information.
  • Any other important details under the “Reference” or Notes section.
  • Any terms or conditions.
  • Any attachments, such as pictures of receipts.

Note: Any discounts, notes, or terms and conditions can all be saved as default for future invoices. 

Step 5: Download as PDF or Send

Once you have your invoice all set, it’s a good idea to review it one last time to make sure all the information is correct. You can do this easily by pressing “View” to get an overview of your invoice. For example: 

View an Overview of Your Invoice

If you’re not happy with it, you can press “Edit” to go back.


Once you’re happy with it, decide whether you want to download the invoice as a PDF, or send it directly to the client via their email. 

Send and Download

Hitting “Send Now” will bring up a final screen to have you review the client’s name and email address you’ll be sending the invoice to. If the name and email are correct, hit “send”. 

Sending an Invoice

And that’s it! Your invoice is safely on its way to the client, and whether you’ve sent the downloaded PDF yourself or sent it through Invoicer.ai, the site will track the invoice and let you document its status in real time. 

Optional Steps

For even more efficiency and professionalism, you can set reminders to clients about overdue payments, or personalize your invoice with your logo and an accent color. 

Setting Reminders

  • By default, this will be “off”, but you can turn them on if you have an upgraded account to save you some time. 
  • When turned on, this feature will automatically inform clients when a payment is late.
  • You can also personalize these updates, with an option to send reminders up to two more times after the first one. 
  • As long as you’ve already entered your client’s email, this will work automatically if you have this set to “on”. 

Adding a Logo

Step 1: Tap the “drag your logo here or select a file (optional)” image

Step 2: Allow your browser to access photos and videos on the device 

Step 3: Select your logo

Changing the Color

When it comes to personalization, it’s best to have your invoice color match your logo, if you have one. You can select from pre-sets, or use your own hue, saturation, and value. 

Step 1: Tap “Change Color

Change Color

Step 2: Choose from a preset, or tap “More”. 

Select Color

Step 3: Use the sliders, then tap “Set”. 

Set Color

Once you’re happy with the color, you can also choose to have this saved as the default color for all your future invoices. 

Tip: Avoid using red or yellow anywhere in the invoice, since red has a negative connotation with money, and yellow is hard to read against a standard white background. Blues and greens have connotations with business and wealth, so we’d suggest choosing one of these. 

Here’s what our personalized invoice with Invoicer.ai looks like. 

Your Invoice

Payments and Tracking

Types of Payments

Invoicer.ai integrates with Stripe to easily accept payments by credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay from your clients, all in over 135 currencies.


Invoicer.ai keeps track of all of your invoices, and notifies you when an invoice has been delivered, viewed, and paid. 

More Info

Due Date

Always refer to any previous agreements with your client when it comes to how soon after submission an invoice will be paid. 

The standard is 30 days from the date the invoice is submitted. However, there are some things to watch out for, such as weekends or bank holidays. These may necessitate the due date be extended by a day or two.

“Submitted On” Date

Always make sure this is up-to-date before you send it! If you work on an invoice over several days, make sure your “submitted on” date accurately reflects the date you send it to your client. 

Done and Done 

Now that you’ve got your first invoice created on Invoicer, it’ll be even faster to make subsequent ones, since it automatically saves client info, and you can choose to save any personalization options as default settings in the future. So go ahead and sit back, relax, and rest assured that all your invoices are in order. 

See how fast and easy Invoicer is.

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