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How to Create an Invoice in Google Docs

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How to Make an Invoice in Google Docs

Are you looking for a free and easy way to bill your clients? We recommend using the Google Workspace app, Google Docs. The cloud-based application allows you to create customized invoices from scratch that can be downloaded or saved on the cloud.

Read our step-by-step guide to create a stunning, professional Google Docs invoice template that you can be proud of!

Table of Contents

Tools and Services Needed


Although Google Docs is available on mobile devices, we suggest you use a computer or laptop.


You will need a good internet connection and a Google account.

Now, when you’re ready, let’s get started!

How to Make an Invoice in Google Docs in 5 Steps

You can craft a professional invoice by following these steps:

Step 1 - Sign In to Your Google Account, Open Google Docs, and Create a New Blank Document

Since Google Docs is a Google Workspace productivity app, you must have an active Google account to use it; so, if you have an account, head to the sign-in page now. If you do not have a Google account, select Create Account and follow the instructions.

After you sign up, log in to your new Google account and open Google Docs. To create a new document, select Blank Template in the Template Gallery at the top of the page.

Step 2-  Customize Your Invoice with Your Company Logo

Logos are invaluable branding tools that have the power to show current and potential clients that your company is professional and unique to your competitors. So, every invoice should include a company logo.

The best place to add a logo on an invoice template is in the Header section. To upload your company logo into the Header, select Format -> Headers & footers -> Insert -> Image -> Upload from computer. Resize accordingly and align the logo as needed.

Step 3 - Add Title, Contact Information, Dates, and Invoice Number

To ensure your invoices are professional, legally compliant, and organized, you must include the following components at the top of the page, under the header:

  • "Invoice" title
  • Your business contact information
  • Your client's contact information
  • Invoice issue date
  • Invoice due date
  • Unique invoice number

Start by adding the "INVOICE" title. To make it stand out, change the format to Heading 1 to make the font larger. Now, to add the remaining components in this section, it's easiest to begin by inserting a 3x8 table below the title.

Fill in the table by adding the components listed above, starting with your client's contact information in the first column, dates and invoice number in the second, and your company details in the third column.

Now it's time to spruce things up a bit. First, adjust the cell padding to move the text closer together. Go to Format -> Table -> Table Properties -> Alignment and change the Cell Padding to 0.02 inches.

Lastly, to get rid of the table's gridlines, go to Table Properties -> Color and change the Table Border thickness to 0 pt. Additionally, you can change the font color and/or weight to customize your template even further. To wrap things up, add a Horizontal Line to separate the sections.

Step 4 - Add a Detailed List of the Goods/Services Provided

For your client to know exactly what they are being invoiced for, you must include a detailed list of all the items or services provided, cost per item/hourly rate, quantity, and a total for each line item. Insert a 4x4 table below the horizontal line and fill in the details.

Now, let's make the table more visually appealing. Go to Table Properties -> Color and change the Table Border color to white and change the background color of the headings to a darker shade of grey and the line items to a lighter grey to easily differentiate them.

Step 5 - Add Terms, Subtotal, Applicable Discounts & Taxes, and Total Amount

We are ready to add in some numbers. Just below the goods/services table, create another table by selecting Insert -> Table -> 3x4. Next, merge the cells in the first column to make room for payment terms & conditions or notes by Right Clicking -> Merge Cells. Also, adjust the width of the second and third rows to line up with the respective rows in the goods/services table above.

Now add the headings and dollar amounts to the table. As mentioned above, the payment terms & conditions belong in the first column under the heading "Terms" (ie. Net 30, etc.). Finally, add "Subtotal", "Discounts", and "Tax" to the second column, with the corresponding amounts beside each in the third column.

Begin adjusting the format by selecting the four empty cells and right-click to select Merge Cells, then change the alignment to Centre Align. Now enter the details in the cell by typing "Invoice Total" -> hit Return/Enter -> Insert -> Horizontal Line ->  type $1000.00 (or any number you wish). The total should stand out as much as possible, so change the font size from Normal Text (11 pts) to Heading 2 (16 pts). Also, adjust the padding by selecting the table and going to Format -> Table -> Table Properties -> Alignment and change the Cell Padding to 0.02 inches for a more condensed look. Lastly, remove the gridlines by heading to Table Properties -> Color to change the Table Border thickness to 0 pt and adjust the font color as you see fit.

Viola! You now have a stunning invoice template you can customize for future use.

A Better Alternative

Although Google Docs is a great tool for small businesses to create invoices, the fact that all calculations are completed manually is a major hassle. So, it’s better to Create an Invoice Using Google Docs and Google Sheets, so you can add the formulas to make automatic calculations.

Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, creating invoices from scratch does come with some significant downsides to consider, including:

  • More Work - There are no formulas, so you must do the calculations yourself.
  • More Errors - There is a greater chance of calculation errors and spelling mistakes.
  • More Payment Issues - Payments are more likely to be late or missed.
  • No tracking - You won't know if your client received and viewed your invoice.

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